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e Design FAQS

What is eDesign? Answers to all of your eDesign questions.

eDesign FAQs: FAQ

Who is eDesign for?

eDesign is perfect for the client who wants design direction and design expertise as well as better pricing on their decor products, but don't mind doing a little of the legwork to prepare, manage and implement the project themselves.  With this service, I am able to offer a simple and affordable alternative to my full-service interior decorating.
The process is simple. I gather the information about what you envision for your space, and then I custom curate a beautifully inspired design plan, shopping list and an instruction piece for you to put the plan into action.
One of the best things about eDesign is that you can implement at your own pace and as your budget allows. You have the plan to help you succeed when you are ready!

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What is not included in eDesign services?

My visual ideas of our space and floor plans are not to be used as a construction document or for renovation plans. My plans are to be used for a visual reference strictly for decor and design that you can do yourself.  I do recommend hiring professionals for lighting installation and a handyman to hang items that need to be anchored to your walls.

eDesign FAQs: Quote
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Why not work with one of the large online design platforms?

There are many sizeable online design services in the current market, and of course, they are suitable for some consumers. However, there are many restrictions put on designers at large companies. Restrictions such as where the designer can source your products from, how long a project should take, and which designer they match with you. And are they an interior designer/decorator or just a graphic designer.
Selecting an independent designer who specializes specifically in online interior decorating/design will give you a more personalized and informed experience. It will be easier to work at your pace and schedule and being able to shop from the stores you love, while utilizing my designer trade connections (where allowed) for all of your furniture and home decor items.
The choice of hiring an independent interior decorator/designer maybe a slightly more significant investment, but in the end, you will be happier when you experience a more educated and personal approach with more potential savings on the decorative pieces you want.

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"Interior Design Is A Business Of Trust"

Venus Williams

eDesign FAQs: Contact

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