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Enjoy The Benefits and The Community

Join my community of like-minded people who love decorating and a nature-inspired style. Membership is different from a subscriber who is on our email list. You get additional exclusive benefits to enjoy! You will receive an annual coupon code and access to hidden website pages!  If you would like to become a member and receive these exclusive member benefits, see the signup instructions below. My goal with my memberships is to make long term interactive relationships with my clients and not only short term project based connections. Let's chat all year long!

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My Orders

Check the status of orders or browse through past purchases.


My Bookings

Manage your bookings. View, reschedule or cancel your bookings and easily book again.


Members Only Pages

Access all the exclusive member pages in one place !

Contact Address Book Communication Infor

My Addresses

Add and manage the addresses you use often.

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See my blog posts in your member feed; comment and like all in one place.


Premium Benefits

The annual coupon code for services and products,  plus free annual 30 min discovery call!

Online Shopping

My Wallet

Have a secure place to save the credit and debit card details for faster checkout on my site.


Member Chat

Make comments, like posts or follow members to interact! You can choose from a public profile and a non-public profile. Chat with me anytime you want to when I am online

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Monthly Newsletter

If you missed the monthly newsletter the library is here for you!

Sign Up Now

To sign up scroll to the top page header and click on the Members Login, as pictured here. Follow instructions on the login page. If you are new to my site you will hit Sign Up under Login.

Then follow the instructions.

You will have your own member page and you can decide whether to make it public or private in the group! Can't wait to chat with you there.

The ads on this page contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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