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e Design Process

Nature Inspired Spaces One eDesign at a Time

Sit back and relax in the comfort of your home.  We will be having all of our communications via phone and online! No need to schedule in-person appointments at retail markets or walk rows and rows of a showroom floor. So please grab a cup of coffee or tea, get a comfy blanket and let's get started!

eDesign Refresh

Give your existing space a new fresh look. I will help you with an eDesign Concept you implement and place!

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eDesign Signature Service

Give your existing space a fresh new look with my full-service design package. It includes all you will need to see your design project through. The complete vision and instruction to create a fabulous space!

What To Expect


eDesign Service

All of my eDesign services include the eDesign Plan with the design tools, a personal note from me, and a list with tips to help you get started implementing your design.

Online Experience

All of my eDesign services will happen entirely online in the relaxation of your own home. Which means no need to schedule in-person appointments or sore feet visiting miles of showrooms. Relax, I've got this!

Decor Pieces and Furnishings


All the pieces I include in the eDesign plans are readily available to you at national retailers that are open to the public, which makes it super simple for you to implement your design plan yourself. Unless of course, you choose to have me order your pieces for you and take advantage of my trade discounts?!

With my streamlined eDesign process, once I start your design project, you should have a completed plan within a couple of weeks.

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"We Shape Our Homes, And Then Our Homes Shape Us."

Winston Churchill

My Process: Quote

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Interested in working with me? Not sure which service or package you need? Looking for a custom quote or are you just wondering how it all works? Lets chat!


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