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5 Design Trends That Will Shaping Decorating

If you are looking for ideas for home renovations this year or just a refresh, these trends will provide plenty of inspiration. I spent hours combing through designs photos and reaching out to all of my design tribes, not to mention data and research reports from my various associations. As a result, these are the trends I think will shape the year.

  1. Storage That Works For You

With more people working from home these days, you need the proper storage to create highly functional spaces. Pullouts bring pantry items from the back to the front, giving you easy access, and let me tell you, organizers have come a long way! Unique shelving for heavy small appliances to designated cubbies for your blow dryer and brushes. Need a closet solution? Gliding baskets are key. Most anything you can think of, it's out there.

2. Lantern and Open Style Lighting

A trend you will see in new home builds is banks of windows. Well, when you have a wall of windows with great views, you want to see those views! It's why I see open-style lighting trending. Ample lantern-style lighting can make a big statement without blocking your gorgeous views or beautiful appliances from room to kitchen spaces.

3. Stylish Design For Aging In Place

ADA Shower
Synergy Construction

Are you in your forever home or about to build or move into it? Or are you aging in place? Embarking on a build or renovation to get ready for those golden years means prioritizing products and features in your design that are functional as well as attractive. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines or accessible design are essential when our baby-booming parents are now into their retirement. Accessible elements like grab bars, curbless showers, non-slip flooring, and shower benches are becoming desirable for this purpose. Still, they are also available in super-stylish finishes, brushed gold, champagne, or matte black. I don't know about you, but these are incredible creature comforts any age you are.

4. The Color Green

This year was very different when the paint colors of the year came out. It wasn't only one paint manufacturer who chose green as its color but almost every major paint company. It is no wonder that green, my favorite color, is a serene color, and we all need a little serenity from the last couple of years! Did you know in a search report on Houzz, green kitchen cabinets were up 829% from last year? I love when a nature color fills the home! That same report had green bathroom tiles up 771%. Have you seen green penny tiles? I adore them, and they are great for trending, accessible design.

If you are looking for attractive green

home decor, see my curated collection of Green In Style!

5. Curvy Furniture

Rounded contour furniture was everywhere at market, and it is still trending since it gained traction at the end of this past year.

Here is an accent chair is shown in my Accent Chair Collection.

These are only five of the design trends that I could list. Still, there are many others, such as heated island countertops and floors, larger sitting islands in the kitchen, locating more appliances in the island, more marble accents in master bathrooms, and freestanding bathtubs.

Design this year will be amazing, so if you are considering a renovation, remodel, custom build, or refreshing your home decor keep some of these ideas in mind for this coming year!

If the interior design seems overwhelming for you, let's chat. I would love to collaborate with you to make your home everything you dreamed of.

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