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A Man's Home Is His Castle

Recently I was having a conversation with a few single male friends of mine. After listening for a while, we all concluded that there could be a fine line between a masculine home that has excellent style but stops at looking like a bachelor pad or cheesy man cave.

I thought writing about this from a design perspective could shed some light on the subject.

Here are some examples and essential tips for decorating his castle!

For men, a room should feel like things he has collected and not items just bought for "decorating." To avoid looking like a page out of a catalog, use items from different periods, and design styles like in this virtual room concept, I created showing a rustic dining table and modern metal chairs.

In our conversation, I also learned guys tend to look at everything from a function perspective more often than not. Tip - incorporate small decorative pieces to complete "the look" of a space. Give your home your personality through your decorations, like the decor items in this virtual rendering with jars, wall art, and buffet decor items.

A great tip to make the room feel more masculine is adding in different weathered woods in an upcycled way. In this rendering, I show how all woods can work together. New and old and worn. Not only does it bring in masculinity but visual interest through texture.

An area rug can be one of the first things you notice in a room. If you have reservations around putting decor in your home that may have a feminine edge to it, the rug is the one area you can have no fear! Take a jump and get rugs that are bright and unexpected. They can inject color and interest to a room. A rug can even be a conversation piece or make a statement about you! Use the colors in your rug to pick out your decorator items. It is a helpful tool if you don't have a decorator's eye.

Where do you splurge? Definitely on a comfy sofa and an excellent chair. If a man should spend money anywhere for himself, it should be his throne! Your accent chair can be a place that you can make a statement. Either with color, texture, or textiles. You may prefer a mid-century classic or a leather cigar chair. Invest in the essential pieces that you can keep forever. But please guys, ditch the dumpy recliner. If you want to recline, incorporate it in your sofa or better yet get a chaise piece sectional :)!

A bar cart or bar hutch is a stylish way to store all of your goods. Invest in some nice barware, glassware, and a couple of top-shelf selections for your special evening cocktail. Take that step up from making a drink on the kitchen counter, especially if you are looking to impress :)!

One of the last tips I can give you is to get some green! You may not know much about plants but you can always go with faux and hit Amazon up for a fiddle leaf fig tree or a few staghorn ferns. To bring in some air-cleaning plants bring in a pothos plant, even one live cleaning plant can make a difference. If you want to live in style and don't want to hassle the shopping, contact me or purchase my shopping service and I can make it all happen for you, at any budget. Just like this full render for one of my friends who wanted to have an eclectic-rustic design.

If you want to DIY this room try Benjamin

Moore Paint Gray Mirage 2142-50

Rendering colors may not be as they appear.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog I know your time is valuable! :)

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