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Biophilic Interior Decorating For Your Well Being

Christmas Tree and plants in a forest surrounding - Biophilia

Breathe in your home decor for your well-being! Christmas is one of the great examples of biophilic design. The holiday tree, wreaths, poinsettias, and garlands bring plants and nature into your home. The scents and the feel of biophilia are in the air!

Biophilic Design, also called "The Architecture Of Life," was once a niche trend in architecture, and interior design is now becoming a worldwide movement. As humans, we need nature around us profoundly and fundamentally, but we have often used our spaces in a way that alienates us from nature. The green and sustainable design trends are moving us closer to what our spaces need to become, but it is much more than hanging a living wall in an office building or a residential kitchen, although that is an excellent place to start!

Using biophilia in our everyday spaces makes us happier and healthier by increasing our connection with the natural world, improving physical and mental health, and encouraging productivity.

Nature Inspired Living Room
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So the big question is, how can we bring this important concept to your home?

There are many ways to achieve this home decor trend, but let's take a few simple ones that you can start right now with little to no expense.

1. Take your cues from nature itself. Nature is rarely linear. It contains curves and movement in its shapes. Take, for example, the arch of a fern leaf, the roundness of an ocean wave, and a ripple moving along a lake. Shape is everywhere. Curves and movement relate to the brain as a de-stressor and center your well-being.

2. Go Green. The biophilic design accepts green in all its forms. It can be home accessories like botanical prints, live plants, green paint, or green curved furniture. Green calms the mind and soul. One study found that green reduces our heart rate. These green forms will create a calming space that recreates the beneficial effects of being outdoors.

Home Decor - Botanical prints

3. Let in the light. Let in as much natural light as possible in your home. Don't filter the light with blinds or shades when you don't have to. Natural streaming light is packed with vitamin D. Maximizing exposure to natural light is one of the cornerstones of biophilic design. Clear any obstructions from windows, inside and outside, shine up the window glass, and pull back drapes to let the light stream inside. Then, move your furniture to maximize time and exposure to natural light. Some studies indicate that short exposure to intense light can help you sleep better at night!

Nature Inspired living room with biophilic design.

This last concept was always a hard one for me. Do I open everything and let the heat or cold into the house or keep it closed? I had to ask myself what was more critical, stressing about the outside elements or my health and well-being. I choose my well-being and the serenity it gives me to have the feeling of nature all around me.

Consider your well-being in your home and your life! Biophilic Design, The Architecture of Life, brings home why having nature in our daily lives is critical to our lives and what we can do to reverse the decline in our psyche, which we have all felt the last couple of years or longer for some. Here are some other home decor options to bring biophilia into your house. Spring is almost here. Think about a home refresh and using these design concepts in your spaces.

If you want to take biophilia a step further in your home decor and aren't sure how to move forward, book a decorating discovery call. I am happy to help!

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