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Black The Ultimate Dark Color

It is the complete absence of color or complete absorption of light. Black has some powerful effects and can be associated with a sophisticated lifestyle. It is a color that works in almost any design- it adds contrast and makes other colors stand out.

Black in the below example makes the furniture pop, and keeping the room neutral brings the ocean view inside. It can also make a room look smaller but used sparingly; it can ground a space as this black carpet and window coverings do in this room example.

The color Black can have different symbolic meanings, and people can have varied reactions to it. In Feng Shui design, black will harmonize your home, office, and other environments. It is elegant and simple at the same time, yet strong and disciplined.

People who like black in their homes may like it because you want to create an aura of mystery and intrigue and have an organized personality. Your personality may be strong, formal, or sophisticated. If you dislike black in your home, it may be because you are easy-going, not too serious, conservative, or formal. You may want your cozy cave to be down-to-earth and not overly sophisticated.

I think the below concept board breaks down a blend of decor that can be used by both people who love black and who don't love black, a happy medium.

I've personally always been a fan of black just for its versatility- both in my fashion choices and designs. It can be paired with anything, making it the most used color in the color wheel. If you love black and want to add it to your decor, here are some ways to do just that!

Black Chair Large Lumbar Pillow

Black Tree Tray Circular Side Table

Stoneware Creamer

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