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Color Mixing Trends

Color is ever-changing, progressing, and shaping. Each year color trendsetters are embracing the moments and selecting wonderful and exciting new palettes.

This year is no exception; the color mixers at Sherwin Williams have done it again with MODE!

They have created MODE with four unique color palettes of METHOD, OPUS, DREAMLAND, and EPHEMERA.

Their forty-trend colors give us beautiful transitions in each palette.


Nature’s processes, the gentle acts of becoming, show themselves in a collection of organic neutrals and tonal luxury. With its sepia softness, this palette’s earthiness and rich warmth balance the lush refinement of art deco silhouettes on the radical raw edge of 1980s postmodernism. (excerpt sherwin-williams)

As you all know, I am a nature-inspired person and business brand. This palette makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I was in love all year with Urbane Bronze, and now the method mix brings in Everygreen Fog and Accessible Beige. It brings neutrals to another level.


Color creates movement, composing a unique masterwork of dynamic transitions and stirring rhythms. This palette of deep dusky tones and unexpected accents was designed to be a new kind of classical, set drama and emotion to the art of good style and never fade into the background. (excerpt sherwin-williams)

The palette of OPUS makes me think of pure luxury. With the deep dark hues of Iron Ore and Blackberry and Naval intermixed with the light tones of Samovar Silver. If you are looking for your space to scream richness, this is the palette for you.


The fullness of living, existing just as we are, meets the vernal sweetness of bud and bloom, of life-giving energy at the start of a new season. Set yourself adrift in a fantasy realm of pearlescent tones, new-growth greens, and lavish pinks, and tend to a space where fresh ideas flourish. (excerpt sherwin-williams)

The Dreamland palette is for people who love dreamy soft colors surrounding them. Like beautiful floral petals in an enchanted garden. Shades of Lite Lavender, Rose, and Rosemary can bring a peaceful serenity right into your room. Fantastic for a breakfast area or Florida room. I used Natural Linen in my entire house for a neutral base color. I love it!


Honoring the timelessness of sleek and functional midcentury modern design, this palette is a play on primary color—an evolution of bygone basics from fleetingly familiar to forever loved. Each shade is carefully chosen to evoke the fond remembrance of what once was and the unwavering optimism of what could someday be. (excerpt sherwin-williams)

Ha, this palette is so fun! It makes me think of back-to-school and lunch boxes. Or my grandmother's kitchen. Inky Blue, Peach Yellow, and Bask Green. All the colors were popular in the midcentury, and were they ever. I remember my mom and husband's mom having those ever-popular acrylic ball green grape home decor elements. These colors take you back in time, but they are elevated in modern tones and hues. It's your palette if midcentury-modern is your style!

If you would like to see all of the colors in each of these palettes, SUBSCRIBE to my site, and you can get a free download of the entire forecast. If color is one of the design elements that baffles you, check out my Paint Selection Service and we can get you started down the right path for your space.

I am not affiliated with Sherwin Williams. However, I am a fan of their paints, tools, and service!

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