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Color Theory of Purple

Purple is everywhere in nature and is a color that is part of life. When it is redder, purple is exciting and vivacious, and when it is bluer, it is more restful.

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Purple is thought of as the color of luxury, nobility, and passion. This dominant color creates an atmosphere and unexpected authenticity. It is a powerful connection to our senses. Purple is considered to be a cool color, and in decorating, it should be used with some caution. Small amounts of this color can work in a space, but too much purple, especially a darker hue, can make it somewhat gloomy. Unless you love that cave-like feeling!

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The visible spectrum ends with purple, and it can seem to recede due to its coolness and darkness. This color aids in creativity and works well in learning spaces as it is a color of inspiration. If you like purple or violet, you tend to be a unique, observant, and highly sensitive creative with a complex personality that is perfect for you. Purple can be therapeutic in rooms where you devote time to introspection.

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What are the feelings that purple can serve in your home?

Spirituality, Power, Dignity, Royalty, Magic, Wisdom, Truth, Mystery, Containment, Luxury, Quality, Authenticity, Calm, Creativity, Peace, Femininity, Optimism, Imagination, Renewal, and Drama.

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Next time you want to infuse these vibes, you can do it with purple. Or, you can contact me, and I can help you get that right balance of the beautiful color Purple!

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Thanks for taking the time to read my blog I know your time is valuable! :)

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