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Favorite Artist Spotlight Balance In Nature - Deb Sheldon

Seek To Understand artwork by Deb Sheldon
Deb Sheldon and "Seek To Understand"

As far as her memory goes, art was always for her. As a kindergartner, she painted a painting with herself at an easel, with a primitive scrawl of "I want to be an artist when I grow up" across it.

Deb grew up on the Columbia River. She spent summers working in her Dad's fields and her afternoons were spent running free, building forts, and floating the river.

Deb says her "real pivotal moment as an artist was August twenty-sixth, two thousand and nine at eleven. My Dad died. The mix of grief, loss, and unanswered questions filled me. I instinctively worked through that in my artwork. It was painful and wonderful.

Another mystery to her is "how the paintings seem to draw others to them who are in the grip of grief. I have had many opportunities to cry, share, and finally accept with people, with the images as the catalyst.

She says, she believes that art is like that. "It gives us a point of contact, a shared moment.

Deb's love of creating has brought her to many mediums over the years but as she has evolved and has settled into acrylic paint, paper, and fiber.

She now says she is exploring the interaction between artist and paint.

She thinks this exploration is her way of remembering feelings and dreams, long dampened by "have tos" and the structure of life

To this day Deb says, "my dream is the same as the kindergarten kid, to have a life where I pursue creating art all day long"

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