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Favorite Artist Spotlight - Sam Siegel

I am a person who is grateful for and appreciative of the arts. Whether it is live music, dance, theater, or fine art, I love seeing how people express themselves creatively. Art is not only beneficial for the artists who express themselves but also to benefit the people who get to experience all of the wonderful talents and perspectives of others. I believe while food may fuel your body, art feeds your mind and soul. This month's spotlight focuses on Sam Siegel from Vancouver, B.C. Sam's art is deeply inspired by the Northwest coastal areas. His works recreate the spirit and the splendor of nature. The sense of color that he brings to his paintings is brilliant with depth.

A Canadian artist who is passionate about creating his contemporary, abstract landscapes, Sam says, "British Columbia is full of amazing hiking trails and spectacular vistas. It inspires me to recreate this amazing, natural beauty through the medium of oil and acrylic painting, such as the ones you see here. I hope my art will inspire you with that same sense of spectacular beauty that is all around us!"

I agree with Sam on all the aspects of how spectacular nature's beauty is. It is one of the reasons I named my company leaf & lake design. Sam's artwork 'Family Trees' is my absolute favorite piece in his collection of artworks. The trees aren't just trees in my eyes; they are leaves, and the mountains and sky aren't just that. They are lakes, rivers, and sea. If you are a nature lover, you will want his art in your space without a doubt. It is truly original!

Why is Sam so original? Let's learn more about him in his own words -

"I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia 1992. Most of my paintings may be considered to be 'abstract landscapes'. My subject matter is largely influenced by the spectacular vistas from all perspectives here in British Columbia. The Pacific NorthWest encompasses both ocean and mountain vistas and possesses a unique and spectacular beauty that is forever informing and inspiring my art. I love to go hiking and camping, and always take pictures wherever I go. There is a certain 'peaceful spirituality' one gets in these endeavors. That feeling of awe-struck beauty and solace deeply informs my art and is part of the intended message I hope others will find in my paintings. My photographs are often the stepping stones to my paintings. Upon returning from my ‘weekend excursions’ I invariably go to the drawing board with a plethora of new ideas. Inspired by the photographs I have taken, I often precede my paintings first with pencil drawings, playing with numerous organic shapes and perspectives. My paintings eventually 'find themselves' in these preliminary drawings. People who buy my paintings commonly cite my ‘colour palette’ as one of the things that attract them to my art. Personally, I enjoy discovering scenes that have a fairy-tale or other-worldly feel, with warped perspectives, textures, and simplified forms. My intent is to create an image that makes me see with a new vision and inspires me to want to explore further. I hope the viewer will feel a similar sense of wonder and curiosity in my work".

If you want to feel inspired in your home, you will get that opportunity. Sam has agreed to let me spotlight his work in my leaf & lake design shop. I am thrilled to help bring his creativity to all of my clients and customers!


To purchase Sam's abstract landscape artworks head to my shop The Sam Siegel Collection! You do not want to miss the gallery.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I know your time is valuable! :)

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Images and some excerpts courtesy of Sam Siegal Art.

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