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Finding A Way To Give Back

You know, with everything going on in the world and just celebrating Earth Day, I thought I would share how I give back because giving gives you a feeling that everything is going to be ok! When we team up together, we can make great things happen! There are many ways to give back, but the two closest to my heart are helping give back to nature, and the other is to people through the below non-profit causes. Enjoying being by the ocean in California and now living by the lake in Coeur d'Alene ID, I have come to appreciate all that nature has to offer. However, there are also many ways we are destroying nature. Here is a bit about how to help:

The other non-profit I support that gives back by working to build deserving people a home is Habitat For Humanity. Construction professionals work alongside volunteers and the future homeowners to build and construct their houses. Even more importantly, there is a unique subset called Women Build. An opportunity for women to take proactive steps in their communities. Women are helping women to build a home for their children and themselves. It's a powerful, collaborative, and friendly environment. On the next, International Woman's Week join in the building to help deserving women and their children.

If you love decorating and design Habitat For Humanity is a wonderful way to put those creative energies to use. No experience is necessary. You will learn new skills and be involved in a rewarding experience that improves a community. Here is an example of a before and after!

If you would like to donate to these causes please go to my webpage Giving Back and click the donate button on either non-profit. :)

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog I know your time is valuable! :)

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