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5 Tips For Designing Your Outdoor Space

It's summertime, and the weather is warm. This is when we move out of our living and family rooms and into the outdoors again. Embracing your outdoor living spaces with the same enthusiasm as your indoor space will help you create a relaxing and cozy outdoor room that you and your family and friends won't want to leave.

Here are five tips for designing your outdoor living space this summer.

1. Layout. Take the same amount of consideration when laying out your outdoor spaces as you did indoors. Don't just schlep your new outdoor sofa into a patio corner — think about traffic patterns, views, conversation, and symmetry.

2. Color. In the summer, there tends to be a lot of traffic flow indoors and outdoors, so you want to ensure that your traffic patterns ing well from in to out, which means your color palette as well. Tie your outdoor decor to your indoor with textiles like pillows and rugs and textures such as metals or wood. This will make for a cohesive design between your indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. Accessories. There are so many outdoor accessory options today; deciding which to purchase is the more challenging part. Look for accents in the same style and color palette as your home's interior to create a seamless theme throughout.

4. Textiles. Are not just about pillows and towels. Think about layering textiles to create a more lux look. For instance, your outdoor cushions, rugs, umbrellas, trays, bowls, and poufs. Each layer of texture will give more of that hygge feeling.

5. Ambiance. Ultimately the most successful outdoor space is one with ambiance. You are unique, so make your outdoor space as individual as you. Do you love a little romantic lighting? Hang lights or lanterns on your covered patio. Do you love to feel comfy? Fill your outdoor space with cushions, poufs, and pillows.

So make sure this summer to embrace your outdoor living spaces! Try some of these tips to create your outdoor oasis for you, your family, and your friends.

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