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Freshen Up Your Porch

Spring is here, have you started to decorate your porch and patio spaces? These spaces that you welcome your guests into to enjoy the fresh floral-scented air!

There are many choices when it comes to decorating outdoors. Consider 3 to 5 planters in various heights and widths for visual interest. Fill them with a variety of flowers, low growing, medium height, and taller ones to bring the eye up and over.

* cement pots @homedepot

A great way to spruce up your exterior is to add shutters to your windows and then play on the color palette. In this example, with tones of black, white, and gray.

If you keep your colors tonal, you can always add green as it will tie in with nature and still work as an accent color.

Try to add texture to your porch. It will make it feel more inviting. Pillows, plants, and furniture in various sizes and patterns.

black vinyl shutters @homedepot

rocking chair @riverbendhome

pillows @amazon

Adding symmetry and balance to your exterior will make a statement that will feel welcoming and put together. Think about mixing different types of vegetation in the same color palettes like purples, or yellows for a real pop of color and great curbside appeal. It will stop people in their tracks. It's also essential to keep the scale of the items you add to your porch in proportion to your home's height and width. Here the pillars have some substance and can hold up to the beautifully full erns.

Lake homeowners everywhere can appreciate this simple rustic statement. Comfort with nothing competing with the impressive view of the lake. Less is more in this case. Cozy plaid blankets complimentary pots of plants and a good book are perfect in this setting. The black metal sconces will add much-needed light as the sun sets, and you want to enjoy the moonlight in the view.

teak lounge chair @overstock plaid throw blanket @overstock roman shades @overstock

Finally, if you are looking for something clean, crisp, and chic, a white statement always works. This is set off nicely by a rustic lantern pendant and a beautiful wood plank floor. Installing a swing sofa is a lovely addition when you want to enjoy a nap with the cool breeze or an evening with the sounds of nature.

swing bed @ballard design

lantern @homedepot

ceramic side table @overstock

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog I know your time is valuable! :)

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