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Interior Decorating: Expectations vs. Reality

A good redesign can leave your entire home feeling renewed and breathe new energy into your space. If you regularly watch home improvement shows or follow the top online design blogs, you'll likely find inspiration for interior design. Unfortunately, a majority sell an expectation that you can revitalize your space with a bit of personal hard work in just a short amount of time. While some may have the skills to complete a project to their expectations, most don't. Here are some of the top expectations versus reality regarding interior decorating and redesigning your own space.

You'll stay within budget:

It's not easy to stay within budget, especially when you purchase new fixtures, furniture or introduce new paints and designs for your home. It's easy for a budget to get out of hand, especially when you make mistakes throughout the design process. Being unprepared for these extra costs can make life difficult and sometimes even leave unfinished projects. Working with an interior decorator or somebody with extensive experience in design and decor can help ensure that you're getting the most bang for your buck and keep you from incurring extra costs.

You want to keep with the trends:

Putting a few trendy items in your home is not a successful renovation and may cause you additional purchases. If you're interested in updating your space, it's essential to look at the pieces of your home that are bringing the best functional design improvements to the space. A new look for your home will involve coordinating style with function. Sometimes, rather than adding a few modern pieces into every room, it can be more beneficial to completely revitalize one room in your home and then move on to a new one when your budget is ready.

Repurpose rather than buy:

You've likely seen many people repurpose furniture and fixtures (upcycling and recycling) on home shows and blogs. While it is often much better for your budget and the environment to consider repurposing old pieces, the techniques for repurposing these items can usually require years of prior experience. Working with a professional designer that knows the proper contractors is a big help in the repurposing process. If you attempt to repurpose a piece of furniture yourself, you may end up with it unfinished or hiring an expert, incurring extra costs.

Focusing on the main rooms:

It is a common trap for many people to focus on only the main rooms, such as the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. As a result, some essential design spaces get overlooked, such as the nontraditional corridors, entryways, or small passage areas. An interior designer will establish a proper design flow between all of these seemingly unimportant spaces into the main rooms of your home. Having some consideration and creating an appropriate design flow takes practice to achieve a constant energy flow in your home.

A newly designed space can improve your mental health:

Redesigning and improving your space can lead to a massive positive boost in your mental health. Your expectations will only be met if you don't suffer the other pitfalls mentioned above and have no regrets at the end of the project. However, even after your renovation is done, you will have to keep up on your efforts, whether you or a designer does it. Regular cleaning and making sure that you are sticking to your organization to reduce clutter are essential. After you've completed all the hard work, you need to make sure that you are also preserving them.

Contact me today if you're interested in working with an interior designer to ensure that your expectations meet your reality.

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