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In a growing community of virtual designers, we have to stay ahead of the game, and the eDesign Tribe that I am a member of has released a fantastic new tool so our Tribe can bring you the best-curated designs available for the best prices.

It all starts with curating from some of the best furniture makers and creating a custom design.

The above is a design I created for a small space den area. The request was a room refresh in a small space that needed to be neutral, sit with friends, chat, and have drinks. I used soft neutral tones and added color by introducing a serene set of gray'blue accent chairs that pulled in the colors from the accent rug palette.

These are not the same mass retailed furniture products that every virtual designer uses due to their volume discounted rates at certain retail corporations. This curated collection is chic and unique!

With the new tools from the eDesign Tribe, I can give you a clean and useful way to shop not only by concept boards but also by my fully rendered designs.

This type of design is going to cause a revolution, an eDesign Revolution. My fellow designers and I are going to be able to give you elevated work that you are going to love! From floor plans, overhead 3D views, panoramic and 360 renderings. It will provide you with a real sense of space as if you were right in the room.

If you need your space designed, let me help you get exactly what you were hoping for by offering the best in the industry! I can't wait to chat with you about your project.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I know your time is valuable! :)

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