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The Pillow Parade

It seems almost everyone who wants to refresh a room will automatically go to switch out their throw pillows. From a cost, perspective is a great idea, but when you buy pillows, do you know what to look for and what you are getting when you're paying for one? A parade of pillows is available, and they are not all alike. So, let's look at some facts about pillows. While choosing the suitable pillow fabric for your space is vital, it's just as crucial that you select the right size, pillow insert, and arrangement.

My first suggestion for choosing pillows is to select the right pillow for its purpose in your home. And, I am not talking about the pillow cover but the pillow inserts. This is an essential part of the pillow. It is what you will keep and use over and over. So, you want a great quality pillow insert. And, you should know that they are not all created equal. But, there are a few choices to make when it comes to pillow inserts.

One choice is the polyester pillow. While I don't mind a polyester pillow, I wouldn't say it was a good choice for actual use. It is more for "looking pretty."

They do an excellent job at making a pillow stand upright and perky, but they don't feel great when you want to cuddle up with one.

I would choose a polyester pillow to use as decor with your bedding, just for show.

I prefer a down or feather-filled pillow to choose a functional and usable pillow. They are plusher and have a much heavier, luxe weight than polyester. I will select 25% down/75% feathers when I pick an insert. However, realize these will cost more but will also last longer. If you need to watch your budget choose less expensive ones that are 5% down/95% feathers – they can work great too.

Once you have chosen the right pillow insert for you, it's time to size them up! A design trick I use is to select a pillow size that is two inches larger than the pillow size you want or the pillow cover you have. For example, if you think you want an 18" pillow, get a 20" pillow insert. Then, when you insert it into a pillow cover, it will look plush and plump.

Let's talk a bit about pillow arranging. There are many ways to arrange pillows, and there isn't an absolute right or wrong way if the arrangement makes You happy, but there are some guidelines you can follow if you are stuck in deciding what looks best in specific situations.

Two ways you can arrange your pillows are to balance in odd numbers and bookend a focal pillow. Like the below examples.

If you want to learn more about pillow arranging, you can learn from a pillow specialist Arianna at 'arianna belle,' one of my affiliate partners. She gives excellent advice and many options to make your pillow arranging successful.

If you need not only help with your pillows, but your entire design is overwhelming you, let's connect and get you the space you dream of. We can build a whole room from your favorite pillow inspiration. Book a decorating discovery call. I am happy to help!

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