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Twelve Interior Design Secrets

Interior designers use years of training and expertise to become professionals in optimizing the best attributes of homes. So if you're looking for some quick tips that you could use to maximize your space and start thinking like an interior designer, here are some top interior decorating secrets that you should know about straight from a group of virtual e-designers:

1. Refurbished furniture produces a beautiful look for less:

You don't have to use brand-new showroom furniture to get a fantastic look for your home. You might be surprised to know that there are some excellent options for refurbishing furniture. Do a bit of digging at garage sales and thrift stores, and if you make some great contacts in the furniture refurbishing market, it can often be cheaper to restore a good quality piece rather than buy new.

2. Don't skimp on fabrics:

High-quality fabrics create a better finish and if you want an upscale look inside your home, make sure you are spending a bit more on your textiles.

3. Start layering:

Layering is a technique in interior design that can add extra color and pattern to create a luxury look. It can be as simple as using multiple tablecloths or adding many textile treatments in various areas of your home. Tying in ways to create layers with your design makes for a more professional space.

4. Get organized:

Good quality interior design is incredibly organized, which means having a plan for keeping some of your clutter at bay. For example, work at putting away some of your cords or hiding them with plants, reduce your desk clutter, and create design focal points rather than chaos focal points.

5. Use natural light:

Letting in natural light from windows, skylights, and doorways requires the correct type of window treatments, and light-filled rooms can be much more refreshing, open, and appear more prominent. So keep natural lighting in consideration as you are choosing window-dressing.

6. Think about storage:

Pantry organization and proper storage are appealing to the eye. So, consider how it feels when you open up a cupboard, and remember that organization can be a large part of the design and functionality of your storage spaces.

7. Know when to be bold:

Getting bold with colors can create excitement in your design, but it's important not to overstep. Use color as a focal point. Ensure you have a well-thought-out strategy for where and why the color will be in any chosen location. Make sure it isn't overwhelming.

8. Have seasonal accessories:

Your design doesn't need to be locked in place, and you can have decor items swapped out for the season to keep your rooms fresh. Sometimes a neutral space is best, so it can be the canvas for the changes you would like to make throughout the year.

9. Try paint effects:

You don't have to stick with just a simple color in your room, and you can try things like paint or wallpaper effects to produce a more beautiful look for your home. Try using more than one effect in your room to add texture and interest.

10. Focus on accessories:

Having one quality accessory could make a massive difference in your room. If you can introduce a series of unique accessories for your home, you can elevate a design to an entirely new level.

The following two examples are my personal favorites when designing a space.

11. Mix luxury with budget:

Everything in your interior design doesn't have to be a luxury touch. You can often pick out items that are a mix of budget or rustic with things on the luxury side. This makes your home feel like a home, not a museum. And don't be afraid to mix things you love (even if they don't "match"). But be mindful of where and how you might use those items.

12. Bring in nature:

Nature with any design creates a serene feel and can open up your space. So pick plants that can survive in almost any condition, and even something as simple as a small house plan can breathe new life into a room—bringing in oxygen.

If you're interested in thinking more like an interior designer, keep some of these top secrets for your next decorating project. Focus on function and the design essentials, and you'll be able to produce a look that's far more than just a decor change. Instead, it can feel like a life change.

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