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Wake Up Your Kitchen With Color

Are you considering a kitchen redesign or a complete remodel? One design element is what color to choose for the cabinetry. White has by far been the most popular choice for years in kitchens. It has an apparent clean-looking feel. However, I sometimes wonder if people choose white because they are safe, but they really wish for color. That’s where a designer could be very helpful. Professional designers have the ability to offer the concepts and assurances that people need to feel good about taking the leap into color.

Here are some examples of how color works in a kitchen!

Navy Blue Kitchen Cabinets
HGTV Kacey Gilpin

Navy Blue Bliss

A dark navy color can give a beautifully bold statement. It’s an excellent choice for homes with modern or contemporary architecture. Although it might feel daring to go for such a saturated hue, dark cabinetry can have a grounding effect in a kitchen.

Pair navy cabinetry with sleek stainless steel or bright chrome hardware, bright white countertops, and a blonde wood floor for an updated, clean look.

Green Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets To Go

Green In Style

Green has its spotlight this year. According to the Houzz Emerging Home Design Trend Report, reader searches on Houzz for “green kitchen cabinets” rose 829% Green brings nature into your space. It is serene and calming and is a beautiful color for a space that is for gathering with your friends and family.

“A sage kitchen makes a real wow statement and at the same time creates a relaxing environment in the busiest space in the home,” says Alex Hughes, vice president of merchandising at Cabinets to Go. “Cabinets to Go’s Montpelier Sage is a versatile color tone that can be used in natural, elemental spaces or accented with dark hardware and countertops to create a moodier feel."*

“Pair it with other materials in natural tones, such as a butcher block wood countertop or one in high-performance quartz that mimics the look of soapstone or concrete. For flooring, consider vinyl flooring that mimics wide-width wood planks, such as XRP Antique Pine or Cape Cod Grey — these new-generation vinyls are incredibly realistic and very low-maintenance,” she says.*

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Grounding Green

Green can be serene, but it can also be grounding. Nature-inspired but luxurious and liveable. A billiard green such as the one from Sherwin-Williams is a bold and rich hue part of the Historic Colors collection. However, when you decide on a bold color selection, it's probably best to stick to something timeless. This color is true to dark green foliage with a bit of brightness with a golden undertone. Using brass or copper hardware will really pop with this beautiful green, with butcher block counters to give you a less formal look or a bright white countertop to have contrasting bling!

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Beautiful Blue-Green

In this blue-green kitchen, the lighter veined marble is complemented by the beautiful tone of the paint. Brass or brushed gold finishes are recommended to warm up the space without distracting from the luxurious marble!

Blue-Green is a happy medium if you are afraid of color. Some people are so scared of color because it can be hard to find balance in the space, but it is worth the effort. First, find the right designer to help with finding the balance. The key is to pick your countertop and cabinet color simultaneously. There are always undertones in paint and even countertops, so make sure you are putting them together in the different lighting conditions of your space.

Creamy white cabinets

Creamy Cabinetry

I love this modern farmhouse feel with warm creamy cabinetry. It's easy to live with and decorate around. This color, especially in an ample space or open floor plan, will work well since it is a subtle color that won’t take over the space.

Neutral cabinetry such as Cabinets to Go’s Nantucket Bluff works well as a canvas for beautiful hardware and countertop choices. Taking your cabinets to this color palette will also be suitable for resale later as people can see their items there.

This color is classic and if you want a simple, clean look, use it with a Shaker-style cabinet and light wood flooring a weathered bronze or brass hardware can work well with cream, but the great thing is so can almost any other hardware. Accenting it with a contrasting matte black would be bold and beautiful.

Modern Kitchen Home Solutions

Bold Black

Embracing the idea of black cabinets allows you to design something entirely outside of the box. If you love to entertain, this builds a lux fun environment for your friends and family.

Black by Benjamin Moore establishes a definite mood and, when mixed with the other selections in the space — hardware, furniture, and lighting — achieves a feeling of grandeur!

Gold and Brass hardware can add to the luxury of this color cabinet choice.

Black is unique in a kitchen but doesn't hinder its longevity. Like white, it can be timeless and elegant. Trends do not dictate timeless, exceptional design. Feel empowered to use black, and it will outlive trends and get you extended value out of your investment.

There are many reasons to choose a kitchen, including color and the different ways it can affect a design, lift your spirits, bring serenity or elevate the lux in a space. When you are thinking about a kitchen remodel or redesign - think color!

One word of advice - hire a designer that knows about kitchen remodels and has a depth of education in color. If you don't want to hire a designer, choose a company that has internal designers on staff to help with all of the aspects of picking cabinets and what is best for you.

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