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Why You Should Use Home Staging in Property Marketing

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Your ability to anticipate how buyers will behave when they see your property is the most vital thing when trying to sell your home. As a home seller, if you can predict the actions prospective buyers will take and understand the thinking that motivates those actions, you will have an easier time selling your home.

Each buyer is indeed different in the things they want in their future home. Yet, the way they react to your property will follow almost the same patterns. The better part of their response to the contents of your ads will be emotional rather than logical. That is true for over 85% of buyers.

Most of your prospective buyers will base their decisions to buy or not buy your home on their emotions. They will assess your home by asking, “How does this home make me feel?” Your potential buyers are not going to look at the detailed info you present. Instead, they will be consulting their feelings to reach their conclusions.

Meanwhile, most sellers try to target buyers’ minds (not their hearts) when creating the materials for marketing their homes. They assume the buyer will be objective and study the details of their ads without any emotional bias. Of course, it would be nice if buyers did this, but the sad reality is that this rarely happens.

"Buyers make up their minds about whether your home is worth a second look in the first few seconds after they encounter it. Sellers who know that this is how buyers behave will have the best experience in the market", says T-Square Real Estate Services.


Like most sellers, you probably think if you could only get more buyers to look at your home, they would see its value and be willing to purchase it. You are probably right in thinking that since most owners go out of their way to improve their home before putting it on the market. The only problem is that buyers don’t care about your home’s quality if you can’t show it to them.

So, how can you communicate your property’s value in those few seconds when you have the buyer’s attention? You do it through the power of visual marketing. Visual marketing is what big companies do when they enclose their products in pretty wrappings and cute boxes. They make the product look so alluring that buyers can’t help but stop to look.

How can you do this with your home? Unfortunately, you can’t wrap a house and display it on a store shelf, can you? No, you can’t, but you can stage the property. Performing home staging before you list it is the equivalent of putting it in beautiful wrappings before you put it on store shelves. In addition, home staging makes your property so captivating that buyers have to stop to see more of it.


1. Buyers know what they want but can’t recognize it

When buyers think of their dream home, they typically don’t think of bare rooms. In their fantasies, the house is nicely furnished and decorated. For this reason, even when they see a home that matches the description of their dream home, they may not recognize it. Staging helps to show buyers the finished product.

2. Staging a home creates emotional connections

Staging your home before you list it transforms it from a house into a home. Buyers will start to see the potential of its various spaces and how they could use it. When a buyer begins to visualize their furniture or décor in the rooms of your property, they are more likely to make an offer. Staging your home will help prospective buyers fall in love with it.

3. Staging accelerates the selling process

Home staging is flawlessly suited for selling in a digital environment. A staged home will often find a buyer in a few days of being on the market. That is because the professional home stager creates photos and videos of your home that are highly shareable. Since the properties get a lot of exposure, it is far more likely to find a buyer sooner. As a result, it sells faster than an unstaged home.

1. Staging increases the market value of your home

Home staging can increase the selling price of your property. That is because the home conforms closely to the buyer’s ideas of what a perfect home should be, unlike other homes on the market. In addition, the perception of higher value leads the buyer to make a higher-priced offer for the property; it can equate to 10% to 20%. Therefore, if you stage your home before listing it, you will likely get more money when you sell it.

Whether you are a Realtor or a Seller, this is one of your most important investments. If you want to know more, see my Home Staging information.

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