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Interior Design

Is Staging Expensive

No. Staging doesn’t have to be expensive. Stagers can work with budgets to help the seller gain maximum effect dollar for dollar. Staging is an investment to assist the seller in retaining equity. When a home is appropriately prepared and appealing, buyers don’t look for concessions and may even bid over the list price at times. Almost always, the investment in staging is less than the first price reduction, not to mention less time on the market.

My home was professionally decorated. Why do I need staging?

Most homes may be too taste-specific in the decor. A stager’s eye can help to de-decorate to appeal to more buyers.
Buyers uncomfortable with very taste-specific décor may not be able to envision themselves living in the home. They may also view any cosmetic changes as work and project list costing money and may pass over the home’s true potential.

Can't I stage my own home?

Even homes in mint condition can reap the benefits of having a Staging Professional assess the house as it is challenging to be subjective about something as personal as your own home and see it through a buyer’s eyes. If a household feels too personal to the homeowner, the buyers will feel like visitors and not be able to envision themselves in that home.

Why can't I let the buyer fix or change the house to their liking after they buy it?

Today’s buyers want a move-in-ready home that they don’t have to do anything to but move their things in and keep their life rolling along. The old way of “just give them credit” is not what today’s buyers considering. People are over-scheduled and stressed out, busy with work and family, not to mention most do not have the skills nor have the time to spend working on their home in the little free time they do have. They want to be able to enjoy and relax in the new house they have just purchased.
The buyer may have also put all of their finances into purchasing the home, so there may not be a budget left for “fixing up” leftover issues from the previous homeowner. It is definitely to the seller’s advantage to take as many negative items as possible out of the equation when offering their home for sale.
When you pass repairs along to buyers, they will almost certainly overestimate the cost of the work and lower their offer, if they even make an offer. It is usually more economical for the seller to handle the necessary items to eliminate the potential low ball offers.

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